Gil Rabinovitz

Gil Rabinovitz

Head of global IT, Amdocs

Gil joined Amdocs in 2012 as Head of Global IT and is accountable for the comprehensive management, development and operations of Amdocs’ complex IT systems, including internal Management Information Systems (MIS), global infrastructure, information security and IT services.

Under Gil’s leadership, the IT team supports Amdocs’ R&D teams by designing and implementing innovative technological solutions, the company’s Delivery Group and the Managed Services businesses, playing a key role in the successful achievement of Amdocs’ business as well as driving Amdocs’ employee experience by providing state of the art tools and services.

Gil has extensive IT and executive experience. For over 25 years, Gil has held various IT and technology management positions in leading corporations, including the position of CIO of the Eden Springs group, and CIO of 013 Netvision, where he led the merger of three telecommunication companies.

Gil holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA, both from the Tel Aviv University.