Michal Miasnik

Michal Miasnik

Director of Business Development

Michal heads Glilot’s business development activity in the U.S, including advancing partnerships for portfolio companies and relationships with investors.

Prior to joining Glilot, Michal was heading the U.S. West Coast Operations of the Bi-national Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation for eight years reporting to the Executive Director of the Foundation. BIRD provides funding to joint R&D projects between U.S. and Israeli companies. BIRD’s success over the years resulted in over 800 joint projects with cumulative sales of products developed through sponsored projects exceeding $8 Billion. Michal’s primary responsibilities included identifying cooperation opportunities and initiating partnerships, creating new initiatives in innovative sectors and generating investment opportunities and deal flow. 

Outside of Glilot, Michal is actively involved in community and philanthropic initiatives. She is based in the Silicon Valley, California.

Michal holds a bachelor degree from Tel-Aviv University.