We Invest in the Best Israeli Entrepreneurs

About Glilot Capital Partners

Glilot Capital is a seed and early stage venture fund that invests in Israel’s most extraordinary entrepreneurs – people who are deeply passionate about technology and hungry for success.

We back teams that develop sophisticated technology, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence and big data. In a world where technology powers every aspect of our lives, we see great potential in companies that build intelligent products for software defined enterprises. In particular, the astonishing growth of cybercrime such as advanced persistent attacks and zero-day attacks means that everyone – from small business owners to multinationals to governments – must dramatically reshape their abilities to compete with the complexity and frequency of cyber attacks.

And yet, if you want to change the world, you need more than an amazing product. For that, you need a superstar team. That’s why Glilot partners with founders that are – in one word – passionate. There is a rare breed of entrepreneur that is absolutely devoted to technology. They’re not just early adopters – they’re pacesetters for the rest of the market.