6 Questions an Entrepreneur Should Ask Every VC

6 Questions an Entrepreneur Should Ask Every VC

1. How much time do you invest in each company?

If your investor cannot be available to you every day and at least for handful of weekly hours, he is not good enough. Not because you’ll need your investors every day, but because when you’ll need, you will need them ‘now’, not next week and not next month.

2. What is your value creation model? How specifically do you add value to your companies?

Glilot is not simply a source for capital. We offer a wide-range of added value services to all of our portfolio companies:

  • We help bring our companies their first international customers through our strong global network and our business development capacities.
  • We make it easy to obtain follow-on financing rounds. You are well positioned to secure an investment from a top-tier US-based VC when you have Glilot’s stamp of approval.
  • We assist our companies in scaling up, while obtaining the best human capital in Israel and worldwide.
  • We aid our companies in receiving global exposure.
  • We provide coaching and strategic guidance to all of the portfolio entrepreneurs.

We have a dedicated Director of Business Development in Silicon Valley, local value creation team and a large Board of Experts. The board consists of prominent senior executives from leading multinational corporations, and is chaired by David Johnson, who acts as an advisor across all of Blackstone’s investment group.

3. How much money are you leaving for follow-on rounds?

Our model is very different. We typically start at seed stage but invest most of our funds in later stages, thus providing real financial backing to our companies. Why is this important? Because in real life even great companies have challenges. Without real financial backing, you will not be able to survive such challenges.

4. What are your investment returns?

Glilot was ranked the top performing fund in the world by Preqin (vintage years 2010 to 2014). We have a deep understanding of the acquisition process, as well as growing large profitable companies. We will be there with you when deciding whether to exit or to grow a larger company. 23 out of our first 23 founders we have invested in have become very wealthy during the last 7 years, and five of the fund’s first six portfolio companies have been acquired by Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, CA Technologies, Marketo and Intuit. Strong returns for both our investors and our entrepreneurs are crucial in our strategy.

5. How long would it take to get a Term Sheet? How fast can you move forward?

Fast, very fast. The process changes on a case-by-case basis, but when we meet interesting and innovative entrepreneurs, we move very quickly, shortening the due-diligence process timeframes down to 2-3 weeks if possible.

6. What makes you different from other investors?

Glilot Capital Partners is a rare breed in the world of VC. We have been immensely successful, and yet we will never compromise our values. Glilot is an ‘entrepreneur’s fund’ – it is especially designed to support entrepreneurs, and was established and still managed by successful serial entrepreneurs. We are a hands-on fund that is always there for our founders on their entrepreneurial journey. We are the very definition of founder-friendly in all aspects of our business. We firmly believe that we only succeed when our founders succeed. We would be more than happy to put you in touch with any of our portfolio company founders, who can share with you what a working relationship with Glilot looks like, what kind of added value Glilot brings, and how Glilot compares with other VCs they may have worked with.