Glilot Capital Partners Invests $1 Million in Cyber Security Start-up Aorato

Glilot Capital Partners Invests $1 Million in Cyber Security Start-up Aorato
December 18, 2012 Hagar

TEL AVIV, Israel, December 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Cyber Security start-up Aorato announces today a $1m investment from the Israeli venture fund, Glilot Capital.

Aorato, devolpes a unique breakthrough technology that by analyzing enterprise surrounding, entities, and behavioral activities is able to provide protection to enterprise resources from advanced cyber attacks.

Aorato founded and managed by Idan Plotnik, Ohad Plotnik and Michael Dolinsky. The three founders hold vast experience in the IT security fields. Idan and Ohad hold the security Microsoft MVP title. Prior to Aorato, Idan and Ohad founded and managed Foreity, lately acquired by Aman Group.

Dolinsky previously worked at Microsoft and served a cyber unit in the IDF.

“Lately we’re witnessing more sophisticated Cyber attacks. Unfortunately the available known solutions do provide only a partial response”. Pointed Aorato’s CEO, Idan Plotnik.

According to Plotnik, the new generation of the Cyber attacks characterized by maliciously using one or more enterprise entities to by-pass current security solutions: “in this way the attackers enter the enterprise resources and act freely”.

Plotnik explains: “When certified identity is being theft it enables the attackers to enter and act without getting discovered. It is highly difficult to locate and defend these attacks with the known solutions that lack of insights regarding the enterprise behavior”.

Aorato’s technology focuses on creating multi-layer protection based upon the behavioral context of the network or applications, while constantly analyzing the enterprise surroundings with special attention to business data.

Glilot Capital invests in early stage Israeli hi-tech companies. The firm focuses on breakthrough technology startups in the fields of Cyber Security, software and internet. Glilot is managed by Kobi Samboursky and Arik Kleinstien, Glilot invested so far in 4 Israeli startups.

“In the face of the new, complex and powerful Cyber threats, it’s clear that the known solutions are not providing a sufficient protection”. Explained Kobi Samboursky, founding partners with Glilot.

“There’s a need for a new approach that will take in consideration, not only protocols and data itself but also the different entities and context of any action”, said Samboursky added that: “We believe Aorato technology is a solid foundation for new, dynamic and pro-active cyber security protection solution. The demand for these kinds of products is apparent”.