ChannelSight partners with for AI Infused Digital Commerce Solutions

ChannelSight partners with for AI Infused Digital Commerce Solutions
March 8, 2017 Hagar

–ChannelSight, March 2017–

ChannelSight is pleased to announce a new partnership with to offer shoppable Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven ecommerce innovations to help world’s largest brands to increase digitally influenced sales both online and offline through various messaging platforms.

Artificial Intelligence infused chatbots are applications which can learn to think, understand, make decisions and interact with users based on their queries and questions on various social messaging platforms. These chatbots are powered with algorithms, data and user commands. Artificial Intelligence solutions like chatbots can help brands drive interactions by building relationships with consumers and ultimately generating sales by getting a deeper understanding of consumer expectations.

The ChannelSight and partnership will allow brands to enhance their consumer relationship strategy by integrating chatbots, while providing a complimentary shopping channel powered by ChannelSight’s Buy Now technology.

ChannelSight provides brands with solutions to scale e-commerce growth. These solutions combine with market leading Buy Now technology to enable brands to extend their product purchase platform beyond their website.

“For the first time, people are using social messaging apps more than social media sites. Taking into consideration the vast impact messaging apps are going to have in the way customers interact and purchase from brands, we think it’s essential for brands to incorporate AI-driven solutions like chatbots into their digital marketing mix. With we’re excited to provide our clients with the latest chatbot innovations. ”- John Beckett, CEO of ChannelSight brings to the table serious expertise and experience in building best-in-class conversational user experiences powered by artificial intelligence and natural language understanding.

“Chatbots are becoming a new medium for brands to engage their users and increase loyalty. Our partnership with ChannelSight allows brands to convert user conversations to sales through the chatbot” – Ilan Kasan, CEO of Exceed.Ai

There are a number of successful joint case studies that demonstrate the power of these ‘shoppable chatbots’, including for clients such as Duracell and FrieslandCampina, with more in the final stages of pre-launch.

To learn more about how can you integrate chatbots in your digital mix, get in touch with us on [email protected] and or arrange a demo and we can help you scope out your chatbot strategy.