CyberX Launches its Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform

CyberX Launches its Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform
July 29, 2015 Hagar
PALO ALTO, California, July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

CyberX, a cyber-security company for the Industrial Internet, launches its Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform, to enable utilities worldwide effectively identify threats to operations, by providing up-to-date research results and discoveries.

A pioneering initiative in the Industrial domain, the Industrial Threat Intelligence is led by a team of savvy researchers and its services are based on insights that derive from various sources including:  monitoring of real operational networks, forensics, research and more. The Industrial Threat Intelligence also publishes periodic and ad-hoc research based discoveries, threat alerts and reports.

Nir Giller, CTO, talks about the reason for creating the Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform: “As more and more requests for such services arrived from our customers, we realized there is the ‘will’, but the ‘way’ is still unclear. The importance of this collaborative effort is to facilitate the adoption of the industrial Internet. The data we follow and analyze combined with the cooperation from our customers and partners, enables us to provide new insights and more importantly, reveal new vulnerabilities and threats.”

Already joined by a number of customers and partners worldwide, the Industrial Threat Intelligence team has been working with several companies in order to ensure mitigation of threats and implementation of effective security measures. As part of its research, the Industrial Threat Intelligence recently assisted several energy companies in removing threats imposed by meaningful vulnerabilities related to Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) in ICS networks.

Recently, the Industrial Threat Intelligence team released a malware report titled: BlackEnergy 3 – Exfiltration of Data in ICS Networks. The report was based on a research effort following the ICS-ALERT-14-281-01B alert.

Giller explains the meaning of these findings: “Every organization with an industrial network must understand the consequences of a breach. The damage can be much more than financial, it can lead to catastrophic results. We work closely with several utilities and enterprises and currently collaborative efforts are made in order to mitigate the threats that were discovered.”

CyberX Industrial Threat Intelligence will provide accurate insights of both malicious and operational nature, in a timely manner and to the right audience, enabling a secure adoption of the Industrial Internet. The team also discloses vulnerabilities they discover, to both ICS CERT and the relevant affected vendors.

About CyberX

CyberX unique technology addresses cyber security needs of the Industrial Internet. Introducing a new security strategy into OT networks, CyberX detects cyber threats, system tampering and operational incidents in real-time, minimizing disruption to operations and downtime.

CyberX is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the OPC Foundation and ICS-ISAC and was recognized by Gartner as aCool Vendor in Security for Technology and Service Providers, 2015.

CyberX helps shape the future of the Industrial Internet: Omer Schneider, CEO, is a contributing member to the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture, released by the IIC.

Founded in 2013, CyberX is financially backed by Glilot Capital, Swarth Group and GlenRock Israel.

Contact information:
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