IntSights Cyber Intelligence Raises $1.8 Million from Glilot Capital Partners

IntSights Cyber Intelligence Raises $1.8 Million from Glilot Capital Partners
October 13, 2015 idoz

TEL AVIV, Israel, October 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

IntSights, has recently secured funding of $1.8M by Glilot Capital Partners who specialize in the areas of software.

Founded by veterans of elite cyber security and intelligence IDF units, IntSights answers the growing need for accurate cyber threat intelligence, remediation and incident mitigation.

Cyber Intelligence has been a critical component in the battle against constant cyber-attacks for a number of years, but the manual, labor-intensive nature of intelligence gathering and analysis meant it was only available to governments and large organizations. IntSights revolutionizes the market by utilizing unique technologies to automate intelligence gathering and related data mining. “Our customers benefit from cyber intelligence that is unsurpassed in both quality and quantity, and in near real-time. Making it invaluable in discovering cyber -attacks before they even happen” explains Guy Nizan, IntSights CEO.

The first step of every cyber-attack is reconnaissance. Leveraging their vast experience and in-depth understanding of the thought and work process of hackers, IntSights has created a solution that enables their customers to always remain one step ahead. The solution also provides a unique remediation process, and in one click, enables clients to remove the threat.

One of the ways that hackers attack organizations is by registering fake domains which are very similar to actual company domain eg replacing an “o” with a “0” and then sending phishing emails as if they are being sent by a legitimate source from within the company. Over the last 3 months, Intsights discovered over 1,000 fake phishing domains for our customers, enabling our customers to immediately mitigate and remediate attacks. One example was an email that was a fake invoice requesting a transfer of money to an illegitimate bank account.  Using IntSights, the company managed to stop an imminent fraudulent transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Arik Kleinstein, founding partner at Glilot Capital: “It’s great to see a young company come to market with technology that changes the rules of the game. We were impressed that customers in the US and Europe, including Fortune 100 companies in areas such as finance, communications, retail, education, and manufacturing, immediately recognized the benefits offered by IntSights, and within weeks chose them over alternative solutions on the market.”

The first round of financing allows IntSights to improve its existing product and expand sales and marketing efforts.

About Intsights cyber Intelligence

Intsights answers the growing need for rapid, accurate cyber intelligence and incident mitigation. The company was founded by veterans of elite cyber security and intelligence military units, where they gained a deep understanding of the way hackers think, collaborate and act.

About Glilot Capital Partners

Glilot Capital is a seed and early stage venture fund that invests in Israel’s most extraordinary entrepreneurs. Glilot backs teams that develop sophisticated technology, particularly in the areas of Cyber Security and enterprise software. The fund creates an environment that makes it possible to generate real, lasting value for both sides of the investment equation. Microsoft, Marketo and Intuit have acquired three of the fund’s first four portfolio companies.

Glilot was founded in 2011 by Kobi Samboursky and Arik Kleinstein, and currently manages over $100M across its two funds.


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