Welcome to Glilot Capital and Lou Kerner as Key Mentors and Collaborators in TechStars Israel

Welcome to Glilot Capital and Lou Kerner as Key Mentors and Collaborators in TechStars Israel
December 23, 2015 Hagar

Read the official blog post on : http://goo.gl/MJ6z67

It is with great pleasure to announce that Techstars is collaborating with Glilot Capital and Lou Kerner in our Barclays Accelerator Tel Aviv program.

The Barclays Tel Aviv accelerator is focused on both FinTech and cybersecurity, two strengths of the Israeli ecosystem.  Glilot Capital brings added strength to the cyber side.  Kobi Samboursky, the partner at Glilot leading this collaboration from their side, is an entrepreneur’s investor.  Having founded a successful cyber company himself, Kobi understands the value of mentorship and network. As such, he has pulled in senior executives from the world’s leading cyber and defense companies like Check Point and Lockheed Martin as mentors in the program.  Along with Troels Oerting, Barclays’ CISO who is also highly involved in the program, this group of cyber mentors is formidable.

Lou Kerner is Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund and a super connector between the Israeli and U.S. markets.  Based in New York City, Lou is also a partner at Flight VC, a federation of 23 AngelList Syndicates providing more than 10% of all the capital raised on the platform.  At Flight, Lou manages the Israeli Founder Syndicate which invests in tech companies founded by Israelis wherever they may be.  As such, he spends a considerable amount of time in Tel Aviv, connecting Israeli entrepreneurs to his large network in the States.

Some of you may have already read his widely shared blog post, “Why I am Doubling Down on Israel.” Lou has had an illustrious career on Wall Street and understands both the challenges and tremendous opportunities that FinTech can bring to the Israeli ecosystem.

Everyday Techstars is building a larger and more robust network not only in Israel but around the world. Our belief is that entrepreneurs can build great companies anywhere —  so long as they have access to the right partners. Both Glilot Capital and Lou bring a powerful contribution to the Barclays Tel Aviv program.

The deadline for Barclays Techstars Tel Aviv applications is in less than 2 weeks. Apply now!