YouAppi Extends Presence in Japan; Partners with Ad Generation and Geniee SSP

YouAppi Extends Presence in Japan; Partners with Ad Generation and Geniee SSP
June 21, 2017 Hagar

June 21, 2017 – Mar Tech Series


YouAppi has partnered with renowned Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) for smartphone applications and the web Ad Generation (Supership Inc.) and Geniee SSP (Geniee, Inc.) respectively. The leading mobile growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands is aiming at expanding its presence in Japan and South East Asia by tying up with these South East Asian solution providers who cater to publishers and digital marketers based in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

It recently announced the opening of its Japanese office and these collaborations will aim to support its requirements by focusing on Japanese inventory. The partnership will also  support its other global customers in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Yoshie Nakabayashi

Yoshie Nakabayashi, Country Manager, YouAppi

Yoshie Nakabayashi,  Country Manager for YouAppi Japan said, “By integrating with premium and respected SSPs including Ad Generation and Geniee SSP, YouAppi Japan will be able to offer our clients, both global and Japanese, better, more accurately targeted Japanese traffic. Following last year’s investment from Asian and Japanese investors, this announcement is the first in a series of partnerships with YouAppi Japan, which will establish YouAppi as a leading mobile growth solution in Japan.”


YouAppi clients interested in targeting Japan and Southeast Asia will be provided with support from Ad Generation and Geniee SSP. The partnerships seek to enable real-time optimization, maximization of fill rates to prevent inventory shortages and monetization through a broad range of ad units across apps and via the mobile web. The partnerships will benefit brand marketers to acquire traffic from Japan and other major Southeast Asian countries to improve the overall numbers of users for their apps.

Yusuke Oono

Yusuke Oono, Head of Ad Technology Center, Supership Inc.

According to Yusuke Oono, Manager at Ad Technology Center/Advertising Business Unit, Supership Inc., “We’re excited to be partnering with a pre-eminent mobile marketing solution like YouAppi. By partnering with a company that uses its proprietary technology based on AI and big data analysis, we will be able to maximize the revenue of publishers who are using Ad Generation.”

The collaborations allowed the company to improve the mobile experience for publishers and marketers in Japan and Southeast Asia. This is turn, enabled it to drive strong global revenue growth through the company’s proprietary technology and OneRun platform. YouAppi’s OneRun Platform offers one single point to manage mobile media buying, combining the power of machine learning with the company’s proprietary predictive algorithms, which analyze over 250 terabytes of data every day.

Moshe Vaknin

Moshe Vaknin, CEO & Co-Founder, YouAppi

Moshe Vaknin, CEO & co-founder, YouAppi, said, “These integrations with Ad Generation and Geniee SSP are the first of several announcements that will strengthen YouAppi’s offering for Southeast Asian clients as well as global marketers interested in targeting Southeast Asian users. We announced our commitment to Asia with last year’s funding announcement and we’ll strengthen our presence in Southeast Asia by announcing new offices and more partnerships to support the strong growth YouAppi is experiencing in Asia.”