YouAppi Releases New Matching Algorithm Designed to Optimize Performance

YouAppi Releases New Matching Algorithm Designed to Optimize Performance
May 26, 2016 Hagar

by Rohit Roy May 26, 2016

YouAppi’s updated algorithm analyzes specific user behavior and app performance data across 207 different countries and tens of vertical categories to find the right mobile users

San Francisco, CA: YouAppi, a pioneer in data-driven mobile customer acquisition, today announced an updated Matching Algorithm which enables targeting the most relevant mobile prospects from the launch of a mobile user acquisition campaign.

Though YouAppi maximizes mobile user acquisition by targeting high LTV users based on post-install event analysis, qualifying valuable users can take time. In today’s 24/7 world, app marketers expect to see results as soon as a campaign goes live.

Leveraging three years of historical data, YouAppi’s updated Matching Algorithm is able to match the right app ad to the right user based on analysis of the advertiser’s app DNA and targeted user cohorts. The app’s DNA is determined by its key characteristic, including category, sub-category, keywords, target regions, etc., while user cohorts are determined by behavior and patterns of the users likely to be interested in the application. With these parameters, the updated Matching Algorithm derived from YouAppi’s existing machine learning capabilities will deliver the right users, qualified before the install, to premium advertisers.

By using all of the data points available through YouAppi’s OneRun platform, users who might look similar on paper will actually be offered different apps. For example, a 20-something interested in travel from Amsterdam, New York will most likely be targeted differently than a 20-something interested in travel from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, based on the history of similar user data aggregated by YouAppi over three years.

What sets YouAppi’s Updated Matching Algorithm apart when compared with other user acquisition solutions is our reliance on three years of historical data generated from over 15,000 campaigns on more than 3,500 apps and sites combined with 1st party data from the company’s 1.5 billion mobile profiles. All the aggregated data is non-PII, derived from actions and post-install events with apps downloaded via YouAppi.

“By updating our Matching Algorithm, YouAppi is now able to match the right prospective app user, based on our 1.5 billion mobile app profiles, with the right apps faster and with greater accuracy,” said Eyal Hilzenrat, YouAppi’s VP Products & Partnerships.

Based on results achieved from running campaigns for over 450 leading advertisers via 100 billion monthly impressions served in over 200 countries, YouAppi offers one single point to streamline your mobile media buying. As our technology achieves radical strides, our Media Management Team leverages the power of OneRun to understand your KPIs, optimizing your campaign to ensure that you pay the right price for the right conversion.