IntSights Cyber Intelligence Identifies More than 18,000 Phishing Domains Targeting the Global Automotive Industry

IntSights Cyber Intelligence Identifies More than 18,000 Phishing Domains Targeting the Global Automotive Industry
September 28, 2017 Hagar

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IntSights Cyber Intelligence, a leading intelligence-driven security provider for cyber threats from the dark, deep and open webs, today released the IntSights Automotive Cyber Security Benchmarking Report, available for download at

This is the first entry in a benchmarking report series that will research and identify the threats facing a variety of the world’s largest industries.

For its inaugural report, IntSights searched the clear, deep and dark web to understand the cyber risks facing the global automotive industry.  IntSights focused on the top 100 automotive manufacturers, including OEMs and tier one and two car companies.

The company found significant threats in 5 categories:

  • Over 73,000 leaked credentials
  • Over 18,000 registered fake or phishing domains
  • More than 2,000 pieces of leaked email correspondence
  • 170 employees on target lists for hacking purposes
  • 230 internal login pages

IntSights’ research also found anecdotal evidence that hackers are more actively utilizing the dark web to plan automotive attacks. For example, the company discovered message board posts instructing aspiring criminals on how to steal cars by triangulating car key VIN numbers and keys, and how to hack software in order to unlock a car.

Each benchmarking report will focus on an industry — including automotive, banking, gaming, healthcare, retail and telecommunications — and provide statistics regarding that industry’s overall risk posture as measured by the availability of leaked credentials, stolen employee information, exposed internal login pages, and registered fake or phishing domains on the clear, deep and dark web.

IntSights’ benchmarking reports will offer business and industry leaders a view into the threats that their organizations face due to criminal activity on the dark web,” said Guy Nizan, IntSightsCEO and co-founder. “With this data, enterprise security teams can better define their threat research and remediation strategies to ensure the strongest possible posture against external attacks.”

About IntSights:

IntSights is an intelligence-driven security provider that delivers rapid, accurate cyber threat intelligence and incident mitigation to enterprise customers in real time.  Its solution uses proprietary data mining algorithms and machine learning capabilities to deliver tailored threat intelligence, aggregated cyber research, and one-click remediation of threats found on the dark, deep and open web. IntSights has more than 50 enterprise customers in the U.S., Europe and around the world, and is backed by Glilot Capital Partners, Blumberg Capital, Blackstone and Wipro Ventures.

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