From 1 Exit to the 14th…and Counting! What Does Kobi Samboursky Say About Entrepreneurship, the Israeli Ecosystem, and More?

Are you curious about Glilot’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Kobi Samboursky’s unique journey from Entrepreneur to well-respected Investor with 10 exits in 10 years?


Michael Matias hosted Kobi on an exciting episode of 20-Minute Leaders to discuss Kobi’s journey as an entrepreneur who made exits even during periods of recession, how the unique Glilot Investment Model and extensive infrastructure (including 1000+ forward-thinking executives) was built in order to support the portfolio companies from seed to scale, the Israeli startup ecosystem, and more.


“It’s not just about picking great companies and that’s enough. As an investor, you must come with a bigger vision and strategy on how to pick companies and how to help them.”