Ilanit Tseyrefman

Director of Marketing

Ilanit joined Glilot in 2018. She leads the fund’s marketing strategy and implementation, business relations, positioning and branding as well as community outreach and management, in order to attract the most promising ventures and entrepreneurs in Israel. Ilanit also helps portfolio companies with marketing related needs such as sponsorships, speaking engagements, public relations and social media.

Prior to joining Glilot, Ilanit was a Marketing Executive at KPMG, in charge of several departments including Fintech, Foodtech & Agtech and Technology Advisory.

Ilanit served as an NCO in the IDF. She holds a B.A in Communication and Media Studies and an M.B.A in Marketing Management from Bar-Ilan University.  During her studies, she worked at the Manufacturers Association of Israel, as a leader for young entrepreneurs, mentoring and guiding them throughout their companies’ life cycle.