Value Creation

Michal Berdugo

Head of Marketing

About Michal Berdugo

Michal’s global experience in marketing, investments, and business development has been extended through Israel, the U.S., Asia, and Europe. 

Prior to joining Glilot Capital, Michal has Co-founded Bloom, a social startup aiming to empower women to take control and responsibility over their finances. In her previous roles, she was the Director at Poalim Asia Direct – where she led investments and assisted startups in marketing and messaging to international markets. Michal was also the Business & Trade Officer at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing, China and an Analyst at the Ministry of Economy.

Michal is an alumna of IDF’S Intelligence Unit, where she served as an officer. She holds a Bachelor degree in East Asian Studies (China & Chinese) and Political Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Master’s degree in Law, Business, and Economy from Bar-Ilan University.