Scaling Startups From The Ground Up
Glilot Capital was founded by entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to build and scale a successful startup. With the unique combination of our extensive experience and proven value creation process, we can go the extra mile to ensure your success - from the first stages to early growth and beyond.

By Your Side

It takes a lot of hard work and diligence to run a successful startup. At Glilot, our goal is to help you grow your business into a successful, global company. We provide the support you need and offer a continuous solution for funding and scaling your business – at every stage – while you focus on running it.

As one of our portfolio companies, you will always get personal attention from a trusted Glilot advisor, and never get lost in the crowd.

Proven Track Record

We are proud that Glilot is the only Israeli fund ranked four times as the best performing fund worldwide by international research company, Preqin.

We have seen great success with some talented serial entrepreneurs and financial reward for both founders and investors, with 10 successful exits made by our portfolio companies to-date.

Ongoing Value Creation

At Glilot, we are committed to actively helping our companies grow. Our dedicated Value Creation team helps you make the best business decisions, overcome specific challenges and get into marquis accounts that take you to the next level.

We leverage our network of nearly 100 global technology and security executives to help companies at any stage to penetrate new markets and grow.

Expertise and Insight

What creates the perfect synergy between Glilot and our portfolio companies is our expertise and in-depth understanding of the markets in which we invest.

Our areas of focus include B2B startups in Cybersecurity, Business Applications, DevOps, Vertical AI and more. We leverage our extensive knowledge-base and team of expert advisors to drive your success.

Flexible Financial Model

Our track record of repeat investments and backing by some of the largest global institutional investors enable us to employ a financial model that is suitable for all stages, from pre-seed to late-stage. We can lead or join rounds, issue convertible notes and meet all the financing needs of Glilot portfolio companies.


We put founders first. We value the relationships each of our founders has built, and want you to enjoy the returns on our investment in them. We strive to provide all the resources you need to drive success, and with our unique profit-sharing model, you also receive a stake in the fund.

From day one, and all the way to our acquired by Mimecast, we felt that Glilot is not just a financial investor but a true partner, that is with us come hell or high water
Boris Vaynberg, Co-Founder & CEO
I always felt that having a board member who is an entrepreneur was extremely helpful and made the communication more productive. Kobi's support was obvious, his advice and wide network of connections were instrumental in BlazeMeter success all the way to the acquisition by CA technologies (now Broadcom) in late 2016.
Alon Girmonsky, Co-Founder & CEO
GCP's high level of professionalism, close support and extensive financial experience are invaluable to us as we rapidly grow our start-up. The knowledge, experience and vast network both Arik and Kobi have, are just one of the key value-adds GCP have brought to the partnership.
Guy Nizan, Co-Founder & CEO
There are few investors that are as sophisticated about Cyber Security and also willing to take early-stage venture risk as Glilot Capital. We've been lucky to have them as our partners from the very beginning and all the way to the acquisition by Palo Alto Networks
Gonen Fink, CEO
Partnering with Glilot felt natural to us from our first meeting. Their knowledge and experience in the cyber security world combined with their commitment to invest in early stage start-ups is not something entrepreneurs take for granted.
Nir Giller & Omer Schneider, Co-Founders
From their seed investment to our acquisition Arik and Kobi were by our side. Aside from being investors, we trusted them as our advisors, and their expertise served as a great guide throughout the entire process
Idan Plotnik, Co-Founder & CEO